Welcome to our website dedicated to German Boxers breeding. Our kennel was founded in 2014. However, it all began in about 1990. I was twelve when my parents allowed me to spend a week with my best friend at her aunt's in Brno where I first saw a German Boxer. My friend's aunt had a four-year old golden fawn Boxer named Algar, whose beauty and strength took my breath away. Algar was a mighty dog with a beautiful chest and forechest, a white bib, his ears and tail cropped. All through the holiday I couldn't stop wondering at the fact that such a powerful and dangerously looking animal was actually a clown in a dog's body. He would give this noble and proud impression and in a twinkling of an eye turn into a total “fool“. That holiday was a turning point – I started longing for a Boxer. I tried to persuade my parents to buy me one. To no avail. However, two years later I managed to soften my parents up and they agreed to get me a dog, yet it could not be higher than knee-high. No higher than my knees. And so for eight years I became the owner of a black female Standard Schnauzer. Yet, my desire for a Boxer remained unfulfilled... However, the decision to become a dog breeder was finally made in the year 2014, when my husband and I bought a house with six kennels from a respected German Shepherds breeder, which enabled me to turn my dream to reality. As for the breed, the decision was, naturally, for the Boxer. The Boxer has a unique temperament...
The Boxer is an elegant, noble, well-balanced and cheerful dog retaining all the original good character traits such as courage, strength, toughness and perseverance. The Boxer makes a great working dog, but also an excellent family dog you never get bored with. I admire him for his spontaneous joy of life, unconditional friendship and vigour, which the Boxer brings into both, play and work. His facial expressions are also unique, and as many say – the Boxer is not just a dog, he's half a man.
Our plan is to responsibly breed the German Boxer, which means breeding according to the standards and trying to make a healthy Boxer, as a working dog, meet the ideal of both, external appearance and temperament. Our goal is to breed healthy and strong Boxers of excellent temperament. Our dogs are properly tested for HD, ED and spondylosis. Our puppies leave for their new homes dewormed, vaccinated, microchipped and with a Pet Passport. We like to keep in touch with the owners and are happy to hear any news about how the puppies are doing. Lifelong breeding services are a matter of course.