The human part of our family consists of me, my husband Branko and our children – Branko, our son, and Lenka, our daughter. Since my husband knew me only as a dog lover and not a dog owner or a dog breeder, and for the first 13 years of our marriage we only lived with a few animals (first some fish, then hamsters...), but no dogs, I truly appreciate it that he agreed with my idea to obtain a Boxer puppy and, later on, to get involved in breeding these wonderful dogs.
I have been in love with the German Boxer since I was a little girl. In fact, he was my dream since the very first moment I saw this beautiful dog. My dreams and desires came true when we brought home our first dam DEUTSCH Mir-Fiš. Later she was joined by another family member NITIKA Fender Edda and my joy doubled. My husband took a liking to the dams and I have to admit that they took a liking to him as well. They respect him as a member of our family, although I am the leader of the pack :).
My husband and I are raising two children together – Branko, our son, and Lenka, our daughter. If I were to give advice on a dog breed suitable for children, it would certainly be a Boxer. Our children help me a lot with the dogs and Lenka has inherited my passion for exhibiting and training this beautiful and quick to learn breed.

In the year 2013 our family was joined by an African Grey parrot. Thanks to his beauty and learning abilities, Niko won our hearts from the very first moment. His ability to learn words, sentences and compound sentences or even imitate our voices is incredible. Even though it was mainly the children and me who were keen on having Niko, he has chosen my husband as his master :).